April 2017:

The Bascule Chamber Concerts take place within a huge brick-lined space inside Tower Bridge, beneath the Thames. Previous years have seen the bridge turned into an instrument in its own right, and all-vocal concerts in this cathedral-like acoustic.

We’ll soon be launching two opportunities to be part of 2017’s concerts, part of Totally Thames festival in September. We’d particularly like to showcase the work of black and minority ethnic artists. These opportunities are open to all artists regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability.

  1. Musicians: create and perform a new piece responding to this unique setting in Tower Bridge

  2. Performance poets: create an immersive spoken word sound walk taking audiences from street level to the bascule chamber space, and MC the 14 concerts

Register your interest now, ask any questions you have, and you’ll be the first to know as soon as the call is open. Just email us at basculechambers@gmail.com

Watch a video of 2015’s Bascule Chamber Concerts here

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